Digital Transformation for industrial SMEs
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  • Automate Processes
    Identify bottlenecks on all stages of the manufacturing process to install robotics automation, increase output and ROI.
  • Improve Quality
    Collect the data automatically and implement digital quality control system for materials, components and product tracking.
  • Cut Costs
    Identify, analyze and eliminate wasteful processes and bottlenecks using data-driven methodology targeting the most impactful changes.
Our services
We make the processes inside your manufacturing fully transparent and measurable.
How It Works
Initial Audit
Our specialist comes to the factory to do an initial audit and identify the most impactful changes. Joint workgroup for digital transformation is formed to guarantee clear communication.
Infrastructure Deployment
Starting an infrastructure deployment with basic monitoring automation. With this, you get the data about the state of the processes, tracked digitally in real-time.
Solution Implementation
Together we develop the most impactful digital transformation plan and our engineers implement it, with both hardware and software offers, as well as integration of third-party providers and vendors.
Training and tracking
Digital transformation team is trained to operate new equipment and software tools efficiently. We guide your employees through every step of the process and keep track of metrics to guarantee results.
Why choose us?
We focus on the most impactful problems and deliver cutting-edge solutions fast.
  • Fast Solution Delivery
    We only focus on what matters to deliver value quickly. Start seeing ROI within weeks or even days!
  • Custom Solution out of Pre-built Blocks
    We've done the heavy lifting for you already so that you can assemble the solution you need quickly.
  • Flexible Approach with Hardware
    We offer unprecedented flexibility by supporting most major hardware and software vendors by default.
Comprehensive Hardware Support
We support some of the most trusted brands in the industry
Unlock the value of industrial data
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