Robotics platform ready for Industry 4.0
Why choose us?
MerkleBot brings the latest innovations in robotics, communication systems, and data management in a scalable and flexible platform.
Serverless Architecture
We use public infrastructure without a single point of failure to guarantee that your application always stays available while adopting advanced on-device encryption to keep your data secure.
Open Source and Standards Based
MerkleBot leverages open source frameworks like ROS to connect a wide range of robotics devices and Robonomics to enable secure communication limiting lock-in to inflexible, expensive proprietary toolsets.
Latest Enterprise Innovations
Adopt the latest enterprise innovation in robotics, IoT, blockchain and Web3 technologies with our flexible and easy-to-use platform.
Best Innovation in Robotics
Bay Area DeveloperWeek - the world's largest DevTech awards event.
MerkleBot is proud to support the development of the open-source Robonomics project by employing its maintainers, building first-class support for Web3 technologies into MerkleBot, and ensuring MerkleBot customers receive Robonomics support and features they need.
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MerkleBot was founded in 2019 after 5 years of research with the goal to create modern infrastructure for Industry 4.0 needs. Our platform securely connects robotic systems within and across organizations using the latest trends in secure, decentralized communication technologies.

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