Smart Leasing
Industrial Robotics is here and we help you deploy automation in a sustainable way for your business
Flexible way to get Industrial Robotics and Automation Equipment with Smart Leasing!
Robotics is here but it is often prohibitively expensive to start an industrial automation project. Traditional leases don't take into account how often you use your equipment or how well you maintain it and lack the technical knowledge.

Our tech-enabled Smart Leases charges you only when you use your equipment, so that we get paid when you get paid!
Equipment Tracking
Every operation and payment on your equipment is securely tracked and shared with you for your quality and accounting records.
Maintenance Log and Reminders
We remind you when and how to maintain your leased equipment - based on how often you use it. See maintenance records at any time.
Equipment-as-a-service model
Not using your equipment? Keeping it maintained? Don't pay as much for it. Your Lease is a smart contract - you pay based on usage.
The simplest way to start robotics project
Choose a robot
Our team of robotics experts will help you pick the right industrial or mobile robot for pick&place, visual inspections or other popular use cases.
Run a proof-of-concept
We discuss the technical requirement to make sure we choose the most efficient approach, start small, test, and only then move to production.
Deploy and scale!
We deploy and integrate the robot at your facility and our flexible software platform can be scaled quickly as the need arises.
Get a Quote on Your Equipment Financing, Free.
It is easy to start deploying automation equipment. Our team will walk you through and help you pick the right equipment for your needs.
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