Build, test and play with Spot
This is an opportunity to see Boston Dynamics Spot in action!
Working with Spot is amazing and you can do it too!
Do you have a problem that requires an agile robot to solve? Are you developing new software, tools or algorithms that advance robotics? Do you just want to see what the future has in store? Spot might be just what you're looking for.

Now you can rent a robot by the hour to test your software, evaluate how useful Spot can be in your business or simply play around with the most advanced robot out there!
For robotics developers
Building the software for robots is exciting and simulations can be very precise and efficient. But they still can't substitute the real-world tests and demos for your clients. We know first hand, that teams don't always have access to the robots and we decided to change that. You can use our public lab to run your software and you only pay for the time you use it!
For businesses
Robots can improve efficiency of your processes dramatically and Spot is a versatile platform that can bring real value to your business. The Spot's ability to detect objects, combined with its low footprint and ability to climb stairs makes it uniquely suited for tasks such as inspections, logistic, and construction. In our public lab, you can test the use case that you envision for your business to evaluate the ROI more precisely.
For robot lovers ❤️
Boston Dynamics Spot is the world's most advanced robot. In an hour you have the chance to walk, run, play or even do yoga with it and make as many Instagram posts as you'd like! We believe that this experience can spur innovative thinking and get people more excited about having robots in our everyday life!
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Become a certified Spot developer
Boston Dynamics team told us that there is a tremendous interest in the Spot platform but a publicly available lab where people could learn using it just didn't exist before.

As a part of your experience, you can get a blockchain certificate validating your experience working with Spot. We will introduce you to the Spot platform and teach you the basics of operating and developing for it.

Become one of the first people certified to work with Spot!
How the process will look like
Fill in the form describing your interest in the Spot platform.
We will discuss the time and prepare a plan for your visit to bring the most value to you and team.
You will either connect remotely or come into our lab to get familiar with Spot. We offer online education that will get you familiar with Spot. You can also get a certificate by going through our education program.
Request your time with Spot!
You can come in our lab yourself or connect remotly. Fill in the form and we will discuss the details!
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