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It's 2022. Your equipment demands modern and secure data pipelines.
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Store Equipment Data
  • 10x more affordable than traditional cloud providers
  • Resilient storage with no single point of failure
  • Wide geographical requirements
Connect External Services
  • Cryptographic proofs for data governance and audit trail
  • Local encryption and key mgmt
  • Zero-knowledge verification
  • Partner network: from ML to finance
Comply with Regulations
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) and GDPR
  • Quality management and ISO
  • ESG compliance
data pipelines
Data pipelines for robotics and IoT
Whether you need to connect just 1 device or the whole robotics fleet, with MerkleBot you can connect robotics data in a secure and scalable way to power innovative business models.
Connect equipment data securely to a financial partner to power a flexible business model that responds to usage. We connected the data feeds from ROS-powered robots and proprietary industrial arms to facilitate robot-as-a-service deployments.
Shared Asset Utilization
From a shared utilization of an autonomous telescope in the Atacama desert to a Boston Dynamics robot that can be hired per hour - you can create any shared equipment usage scheme you can think of with MerkleBot.
Scalable Storage and ML
We integrated a set of tools and partners to give you access to the most advanced machine learning innovations without compromising security and privacy. With resilient data storage and replication at hypercompetitive prices.
Our Case Studies
Unlock the value of equipment data
MerkleBot helps you deploy secure and value-driven robotics and IoT cases.
MerkleBot was founded with the goal to create modern infrastructure for Industry 4.0 needs. Our platform securely connects robotic systems within and across organizations using the latest trends in secure, decentralized communication technologies.

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