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It's 2023. Smart equipment demands modern and secure data infrastructure.
Data platform for robotics and IoT
One device or your whole fleet, with MerkleBot API you can connect machine data in a secure and scalable way to power innovative business models.
  • Data pipelines
    Connect your ROS robot's data, as well as a wide range of hardware, like KUKA, Mitsubishi Electric, Universal Robots, Boston Dynamics and IoT fleets.
  • Storage & Access Policies
    Adopt the latest trends in secure, decentralized communication technologies to optimize costs and avoid single points of failure.
  • Third-party Connections
    Extend the capabilities of your equipment by connecting the data to third-party services for monitoring, analytics, payments and financing.
Use Cases
Unlock the value of equipment data
MerkleBot helps you deploy secure and value-driven robotics and IoT cases.
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